Accounting - Payroll - Financial Statement Services

Elite Tax and Accounting offers a full range of accounting services including; Bill Paying, Payroll Preparation, Bookkeeping, Financial Compilations, Reviews and Audits. We want to help your business thrive by providing on-going analysis of your bottom line.

We believe you are the best at running your company. We take pride in providing you the timely financial information so you can make better business decisions. It has been said “The one with the best numbers wins”. When you win – we win.

We have a winning team that provides all levels of accounting services. These include:

· Bill Paying,

· Payroll Services, (live and after the fact),

· Accounting and Bookkeeping,

· Financial Statement Preparation

· Compilations, Reviews and Not For Profit Audits

· QuickBooks Assistance (QuickBooks Proadvisor)

We’ll send you financial statements you can understand. You want to know and trust your accounting firm, and at Elite Tax and Accounting we work with integrity and confidentiality at the top of our minds—so we earn your confidence.